Six inches above eye level

I was on my way home after running errands all afternoon one day last week. As usual, I looked straight ahead as I walked, mentally going through my list of still-to-do’s. I stopped at the traffic lights, waiting for the green man to appear so I could cross over to the neighbourhood supermarket to grab … Read more

What’s up in October

OCT 3: HEALING WITH CRYSTALS This new, advanced workshop teaches a modality of healing with crystals channelled through the Guardians of the crystals themselves. Those called to heal with crystals may do it with the techniques taught in this workshop. Note: It is compulsory to have attended Crystal Clarity before this. Also, all those intending to … Read more

What’s up in September

SEPT 5: THE LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE (LEVEL 1) For those who are intent on walking – and staying! – on the path of light. According to Thoth, it is important to know and understand that the universe and our angels and guides operate according to universal laws. Knowing what these laws are can help us to … Read more