Perceiving is believing

I once channelled the Archangel Gabriel on the subject of transformation (see  Gabriel said that transformation does not happen at the snap of the fingers or a twinkling of an eye; true transformation requires conscious understanding of choices made and lessons learnt, as they occur.

In the nine years since that message, mass consciousness has evolved to such an extent that the word transformation is widely used among both the spiritual and the non-spiritual; and often, used so loosely that every change or shift in perception is regarded as transformation.

In a way, it is. Change is part of the process of transformation, but transformation does not necessarily equate with change. The whole is not the sum of its parts.

The problem is, we spend so much time and energy thinking about, examining and cross-examining every intention and action of others as well as of ourselves that we often turn something trivial into heart-breaking, mind-blowing, soul-searching angst of titanic proportions.

The book, A Course In Miracles, teaches: “If you attack error in another, you will hurt yourself. You cannot know your brother when you attack him. Attack is always made upon a stranger. You are making him a stranger by misperceiving him, and so you cannot know him. It is because you have made him a stranger that you are afraid of him. There are no strangers in God’s creation … God knows His children with perfect certainty. He created them by knowing them. He recognises them perfectly. When they do not recognise each other, they do not recognise Him.”

To me, this passage also reflects one of the Laws of the Universe. The Law of Projection states: All that we perceive outside ourselves is a mirror of something within.

What this means is that every time we judge ourselves or someone else, we are, in fact, projecting outwards what is already present within us. So if you are suspicious of someone’s intent, or have no faith in another’s “flawed” character, you are quite probably suspect yourself because a part of you (which you haven’t yet acknowledged) recognises that very same flaw in you.

So yes, we are in the midst of change. And yes, that means we are in the process of transformation. But while the process of transformation requires the added elements of self-awareness and understanding, change can occur without us realising it. I know it’s confusing, but perhaps the Zen monk Haemin Sunim puts it best:

Things I liked when I was young but now couldn’t care less about:
Airplane rides, all-you-can-eat buffets, horror movies, staying up all night.
Things I enjoy now that I am older:
Mozart, brown rice, meditation, spending time alone, regular exercise.
We change without realising it. We are in the midst of change even now.

What’s up in April

If you’re relatively new to the spiritual path but know, on a deep level, that you’re moving in the right direction, this workshop is for you. For as we continue to grow in spirit, it is important to realise that spiritual knowledge evolves too. More hidden pearls of sacred wisdom have been and are being revealed. One of these is that it is time to look beyond the seven traditional Vedic chakras that we are familiar with, and to connect with six more that have been dormant for so long. These 13 chakras have to be connected and activated to help us in our ascension to the 5th dimension.
Note: This workshop has levelled up, with more information and a different method of activation. However, it is just as powerful as, and does not negate,  the previous activations.
Time: 2  to 3 or 3.30pm
Venue: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
Energy exchange: $280

This is going to be a whopper of a meditation, so please wear a grounding crystal. When the White Dragon first connected with me several years ago, he came in with Archangel Michael and said he would burn away all illusions before me. And boy, did my inner vision and higher sight clear up after that!. Clarity is a gift that can be a double-edged sword, but it is an essential gift for those who continue to not just align, but merge with, the highest light.
The White Dragon quite often works with Michael, and carries the vibration and energy of the highest truth. He only connects with those who are ready, so if you feel drawn to this session, know that you are ready to begin seeing through eyes of the highest truth. And that, of course, means more challenges to assist in accelerating your growth.
You will need to wear a grounding crystal to this workshop.
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 3 to 4pm
Energy exchange: $280

APRIL 8: RAPHAEL ROCKS! postponed, with apologies

So you believe in angels and guides. But do you really know who and what you are connecting and working with? And how do you know if they are truly of the light? Learn more about our celestial helpers, from their hierarchy to their roles and portfolios.
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 2 to 4pm
Energy exchange: $150

The Archangel Metatron facilitates this session, where he will recalibrate the senses of Lightworkers to enable them to more clearly understand and integrate the codes of light that are essential for all who seek or claim to serve in light and love. Besides some very powerful recalibration of energy vortices and matrices conducted within and around your auric field, there will also be messages/teachings reinforcing the codes of conduct (i.e. walking the talk) that is required and expected of you. Please wear a grounding crystal!
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 3 to 4pm
Energy exchange: $280

It does not matter whether or not you are Christian. If you acknowledge Jesus as an avatar who incarnated in order to show how practical unconditional love is, you will find this uplifting meditation a blessing. 
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 3 to 4pm
Energy exchange: $100

For those who want to do more in-depth oracle card readings. You connect with the Archangel Gabriel in this Level 2 workshop. You need to have done Angel Kisses 1 before doing this. Please bring 3 decks of oracle cards with you.
2 to 5.30 or 6pm (depending on the size of the class)
54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
Energy exchange: $280

The energy of the phoenix continues to grow, in sync with our continual process of dying to the old and rebirthing into the new. Connect with this energy in this meditation. Please wear a grounding crystal.
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 3 to 4pm
Energy exchange: $280

An open discussion for all on the spiritual path as well as those who are practising lightwork. Come with open minds and hearts to ask questions, share experiences, and generally learn from and encourage one another. 
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 2 to 4pm
Energy exchange: $150

This is an expansion of the session that was held in March last year, which was an expansion of the very first session held in August the year before. As more step up to answer the call to use the power and vibration of sound to heal themselves and others, this session — which used to focus on toning, channelled chanting and singing — now includes the use of light language in activation and energy- or entity-clearing work as well. High-level guides come in to help clear your throat and heart chakras of feelings of shyness and self-consciousness in order to allow the pure vibrations of sound healing to come out of you with faith and joy.
Please wear a grounding crystal.
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 2.30 to 4.30 or 5pm
Energy exchange: $280