What’s love got to do with it?

Today is Good Friday, and most Christians would be spending the day contemplating on the ultimate act of sacrifice that Jesus made by dying on the cross. Three days from now, Christians will celebrate his resurrection and triumph over death and sin. Late last night and in the early hours of this morning, as I took … Read more

What’s up in June

JUNE 3: MEET MICHAEL Who is this mighty angel, and how can he help us in our lives? With light constantly being directed at Earth and at us, what used to comfortably hide under cover of darkness is increasingly being shown up, and more and more people have experienced, or are experiencing, encounters with negative … Read more

What’s up in May

please note that I will be out of town from may 19 to 31 MAY 6: RAPHAEL ROCKS! Raphael is one of the best known and loved archangels. Known as the Physician Angel or the Angel of Healing, he has the ability to heal us on all levels – body, mind and spirit – and he does this … Read more