Hello, it’s me

Welcome to angelsandlight.co! I hope this gorgeous new look brings you as much light and joy as it does me. As the year 2017 progressed and things both big and small began drawing to a close to make way for new beginnings, I got clearer and clearer signs that my website of many years had … Read more

What’s up in December

DEC 2: GET TO KNOW GABRIEL Archangel Gabriel helps purify us on all levels, cleansing and clearing us of old traumas and hurts so that we can move on and grow spiritually. He also helps with communication, and this is important for all who are learning to speak up for themselves and what they believe is … Read more

I am moving house

This will be my last post in angelsandlight.net, but it isn’t goodbye. From November 15, angelsandlight.co will replace the website that first introduced me and my work to the world. Right from the beginning, the angels who first assisted in my spiritual awakening and nudged me into answering my soul calling have always been a source … Read more