About Me

Jasmine Miller

jasmine miller

Who would have believed that a sceptical journalist of 25 years, who’d spent another five years in between trying her hand at public relations work, would eventually give up drinking, cussing and ranting at the stupidity of those around her and actually enter a personal space of (mostly) serenity and an acceptance of others as they are?

Certainly not me. Yet here I am, having done just that.

What’s more, after years of juggling spiritual work with regular work, I finally chose to serve my soul purpose. So I walked away from my editorial job, leaving both comfort zone and financial security. I’ve been a fulltime spiritual teacher and healer since May 2010.

Who knew?

I’m just grateful that God chose to make His presence real in my life in His own unique way

I’ve been “sensitive” to the spirit world ever since I was little, but never had the guts or the inclination to explore these gifts. When the angels began introducing themselves, it took me over a year to overcome my fear and scepticism. But I finally learnt to accept that I had a divine calling — late though it came in my life, and unconventional though it was.

I guess God and the universe are having the last laugh now.

But I get so much joy from helping others and working with the universe — the divinities, angels, Masters, guides and other high-vibrational beings — that I just have to laugh along with them.