This is my story

If someone had told me, when I was young, that I would be communicating with angels, divinities and spirits later in life, I would have run as fast and as far away from him or her as possible … either before or after laughing my head off at the absurdity of the notion.

The truth is, I’ve been sensitive to the spirit world ever since I was little, but I never had the guts or the inclination to explore the ability. As I grew older, I learnt to block out “encounters” and used my Christian faith to shield me from anything that strayed from the straight and narrow path that I had chosen to walk on.

But I know from experience now, that as much as we may try to run from our destiny or life path, we can’t hide from what our souls set out to do.

In 2003, a “chance” encounter with an Australian clairvoyant triggered a series of supernatural occurrences with angels that went on for over a year, until I eventually gave up trying to explain away the inexplicable and chose, instead, to find out more about them.

Personal readings

Jasmine channels messages channel messages from the angels and divinities for you, and provide you with insights and advice on any aspect of your life. She can also help you discover your soul purpose, clear your karma, heal your wounds, and activate your gifts

Courses and workshops

Jasmine conducts a range of courses and workshops to help you learn more about the spiritual realms, develop your intuition and psychic abilities, and enhance your connection with the divine. You can choose from online or in-person sessions, depending on your preference and availability.



This deck of 34 cards was created in love and light, with the prayer and intention to help the soul on its quest for spiritual wisdom.

What people say about Jasmine

Jasmine Miller is a spiritual teacher and true channel who works with and receives insights directly from the angels, divinities and the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light. She also serves as teacher in the inner realms.

This decision led me on a journey of self- and soul-discovery that broke through my deepest fears and self-erected boundaries, and opened my heart to a vision of the God I believed in that was truer to the concept of an omnipotent Omnipresence that loved unconditionally.

Today, if someone were to ask what religion I subscribe to, I would say that I subscribe to the belief and faith in the Source of all creation. Out of habit, I still call Creator God; and I often – again, out of habit – refer to God as He or Him.

Because the Divine being that I am passionate about and believe in has not changed one iota. It is I who have changed. It doesn’t matter what name I call Him by, or what gender I say She is. God is complete; the All in all.

And from years of personal experience since 2003, I know that all beings who are in service of God, love and light, no matter the culture or religion that they are connected to, all – as one – offer unconditional love and unstinting support simply because they regard me as a fellow creation of the Source of all that is, that was, and forever will be.

It is my prayer and intention that through this website, we can share this journey of self- and soul-discovery together. Learn to see the world and one another the way God sees us – as one, without prejudice or colour, but with love.

Jasmine Miller is a spiritual teacher and true channel who works with angels, divinities and the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light.

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