Sacred Oil Blends

Only the purest plant essential oils are used in these channelled blends, or they would not be able to hold the powerful energies and high vibrations of the archangels and divinities who provided the “recipes” for their own individual blends.

These blends are charged with the energies and vibrations of individual archangels and divinities, and are unique in that, besides anointment and aromatherapy, they are also meant to be worn. When worn in a pendant, the oils heal and work on your auric and light bodies, as well as raise your own vibration and energy field.


For protection, truth and freedom from fear
Michael, whose name means “he who is like God”, is the archangel that led the armies of angels who remained true to Creator in the battle against those who chose to follow Lucifer.
The sword he holds in his hand is the sword of truth and light. Call on Michael for protection and courage in coping with life changes, and for help in cutting the cords that tie you down to people, places and situations that do not serve your higher self.
This special blend contains sacred oils to still mental chatter and lift the veils of illusion, help cut ties with the past, unite body and soul, and open one to spirituality.
Blessed by and infused with the energy and vibration of this warrior angel. Super powerful!


Made with the same pure essential oils that are contained in the sacred oil blend, this spray, like the blend, has been infused with the energy and vibration of Michael. It was created with the intention that Michael and his Army of Light are invoked whenever the spray is used for space clearing, and that all negative energies and entities touched by the droplets will be held by the power of Michael’s energy and vibration, and sent to the light. A very powerful tool for space clearing as well as for protection.


For unconditional love, joy, inner peace and spiritual illumination
Whenever Mary comes through, the love and serenity that fills me is balm for my soul.
I remember wondering if she knew I was Christian, not Catholic, the first time she appeared to me, and I remember the swift, loving answer that came: Whatever you think you are, you are still a child of God.
That experience opened up my heart and soul, and enabled me to see myself and others from God’s perspective — in the eyes of the divine, our souls have no colour or creed.
This gorgeous blend, which is charged with Mary’s vibration and rainbow light energy, has — among other pure oils — two kinds of roses in it.


Made with the same pure essential oils that are contained in the sacred oil blend, this spray, like the blend, has been infused with the energy and vibration of Mary. Its gorgeous scent, comprising two kinds of pure rose oils as well as several other pure essential oils, brings one to a state of immediate serenity and wellbeing when sprayed on. Use as a spritz to refresh your spirit as well as your senses, or before bed for sweet dreams and restful sleep.


For infinite compassion, divine wisdom and the transformation of negative into positive
One of my favourite divinities, and with whom I have a strong connection, Kwan Yin often has Mary and Isis with her when she appears to me.
I call them the Sisters Three, and to me, they stand for the divine feminine — all that is loving, nurturing, compassionate and strong.
Kwan Yin’s own story — that of a young girl who wasn’t afraid to stand up for what she believed in, despite having to suffer for it; and who, despite qualifying for Buddha-hood, chose to follow her big heart and remain behind to help every soul to enlightenment instead, has touched and opened my own heart to the magnificent power of gentle compassion.
Personally, I’m glad Kwan Yin’s in the Karmic Council, for I believe she puts in a good word or two for me when it is appropriate :)
She also holds the violet flame, which has the ability to transmute all that is negative into positive. So call on her to help you stay “on the sunny side of the street.”
This blend, which smells as gorgeous as Kwan Yin herself, contains several sacred and pure essential oils, among which is her signature pink lotus.


For divine knowledge, understanding and spiritual growth
Metatron is the archangel that holds the Book of Life (the Akashic Records), and is said to stand at the right hand of God.
I was attuned to him some years ago, but I only made a truly personal connection with this serious and powerful archangel much later.
I received a message that I was ready to connect and work closely with him, but I first had to perform a simple ritual. Bewildered, I had little idea what was meant by working with him, and even less of what ritual it was that I had to perform. So I prayed and asked that I be told or shown what to do when I was ready.
A couple of months after that, I woke up one morning and simply knew it was time to perform the ritual and take that step forward to connect with Metatron. Somehow, I knew just what to do, and when I finished my meditation, I was given a clear sign that told me the ritual and connection had been successful.
Since then, Metatron has worked with me to help recalibrate light grids and matrixes for people, as well as to bring new encodements into their etheric and light bodies. He also helps me to share the more complex spiritual laws and ancient, divine knowledge with others by putting them across more simply.
He also began working with me to help perform karmic release and soul healing.
This blend of Metatron’s is as uplifting, high vibrational and complex as he is. The channelled recipe contains oils that reflect the Hermetic principle, “As above, so below”, and has been powerfully energised and blessed by Metatron himself.


For releasing blocks to forgiveness, clarity of heart and mind, and connecting to heaven and earth
Uriel, the least known of the four “main” archangels, connected with me two years ago, when I was in Kuala Lumpur, and again when I was up in the Bunya mountains on the Gold Coast. Since the first connection, I’ve found myself doing more earth work and becoming more aware of the fairies and other elementals. And since my trip to the Bunyas, I have been working with the elemental realm as I continue to learn more about Earth Magic.
As Archangel of Earth, Uriel acts as a channel between Earth and the divine. Everything that Mother Nature does, as well as the elemental realm, come under his jurisdiction.
Uriel is the archangel that helps us release unnecessary baggage such as mindsets, fears and belief systems that do not serve us as we continue on our spiritual journey, and he helps us to forgive and let go of people and situations that hold us back from transformation into light.
Because of his close involvement and connection with the planet, he is also becoming busier as Earth herself transforms into light, and is actively calling on more lightworkers to work together with him to heal both ourselves and our planet.


For triumph over darkness and fear, and strength to march into new cycles of growth
When Kali first said she wanted me to come up with a sacred oil blend for her, I have to admit I was taken aback. Apart from my scanty knowledge of the Hindu pantheon, I didn’t know much about this beautiful, powerful goddess other than that she has appeared to me several times over the years — and always when I’m nearing the end of spiritual cycle and in the throes of a new one.
So I prayed and meditated about it, and it gradually dawned on me that Kali is coming to the aid of all who are facing challenges with the forces of darkness as they step more and more into light. She says her oil will give you protection and, at the same time, the courage to face up to and release what no longer serves your higher self. It will also help ease you through the transition of change and into new spiritual growth cycles.
This blend is as unique and potent as Kali herself.


For confirmation that you are always loved, guided, watched over and never, ever alone
This blend has been a long time coming, but it’s well worth the wait. Infused with the energies and light of all guardian angels, this blend of eight pure essential oils will bring you peace of mind, joy of heart, the knowledge that you are safe, and the experience of God’s unconditional love through your own guardian angel.


For wealth and inner beauty
This Hindu goddess of wealth and beauty floored me the moment she chose to connect with me. I’ve known of her for quite a while, but she kept her distance till one night, when she simply said, “It’s time to create my oil. Here’s what it should have in it.”
And the blend was completed that very same night.
The more she connects with me, the more I find Lakshmi to be beautiful, loving and quietly powerful. When she decides to work on you and for you, all I can say is, “Get out of the way and let that whirlwind energy do its thing.” Awesome.


Peace be unto you
Created just before Christmas of 2011, this is one of the most gorgeous smelling oil blends I’ve had the pleasure to savour. The message simply came to make an oil for the seaon of peace, and I felt the wonderful presence of Jesus and the angels with me as I obeyed the message and acted on it.
Infused with the amazingly beautiful energy and light of the Christ, whose teaching of God’s love and peace is both eternal, infallible and for all seasons.


for harmony between mind and spirit
The unicorns are enlightened, high-vibrational beings of light and love that withdrew from the earth plane when the third-dimensional energies became too dense and heavy. But as we and our planet continue to shed the heavy energies of old and immerse more and more in the new, higher vibrations of light, these angelic creatures are returning. They bring with them the Christ consciousness of being one with all. This magical blend helps tame the ego and allow the heart and soul to take the lead.


for clearing your path to all things good
Whenever Ganesha appears to me, he’s always smiling and laughing. He laughs at the grave situation that I think I’m in, at how seriously I take myself, at how impossible I think it is to break through a barrier. He sees the humour in everything, and that’s great because he gives me an accurate perspective on things. And he always helps to remove obstacles.
He’s one cool dude. I like him.


for the love, joy, and magic of pure healing
Isis came into my life several years ago and has, off and on, been healing through and with me. But it was towards the end of 2011, when she appeared with her mother Nuit, the Egyptian goddess of the night sky, that she said she would be working more with me and many others in the near future, even those who have never been attuned to her or worked with her before. She would work through and with us to heal others with the new energies that are coming into the world.
Something about her has changed too — her colour and light, which has always been a distinctive shade of bright indigo, now has a tinge of purple to it, and her vibration is much finer than it used to be.
I don’t know what lies ahead, but I know it will be powerful, magical and healing, and for the highest good of all. And this blend, which is what she specifically asked for, will enhance it.

THE SISTERS 3 (perfume)

infused with the energies and vibrations of Mary, Isis and Kwan Yin
I have been seeing and receiving messages from both Mary and Kwan YIn for years, and they often appear side by side. The first time I saw them together many, many years ago, they merged and then separated before my eyes. I realised then that they share many traits and virtues — they’re both about love, mercy and compassion.
Then early this year (2012), Isis appeared to me again (less than two months after she appeared to say she would be working more with me). This time, she had Mary and Kwan Yin with her. Like Isis, the auras of both Mary and Kwan YIn also had a tinge of purple to them, and the vibrations of all three were finer.
In another aha moment, I realised that all three of them are about love and nurturing. They are Sisters. Then I knew, on some level, that their “portfolios” had shifted, and that they would be coming in more strongly to help and to heal the world through this time of transformation.
They asked specifically for a perfume blend. This is it. And I don’t have to tell you it’s powerful.


for healing, on every level, of mind, body and spirit
Raphael’s one of my favourite angels. Unlike Michael, Metatron, Gabriel and Uriel, who are more serious, Raphael’s a bit of a joker and prankster. Oh, all the archangels have a sense of humour, but Raphael has a sense of humour like no other angel I know.
But don’t ever underestimate him. He is a mighty, powerful archangel capable of binding evil spirits, and he is the archangel of healing. He’s the one you call for help with all ailments and physical challenges. He’s also the one who can help us heal mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
As the patron saint of travellers, he’s the perfect companion to invite along on your travels — protective, fun, and really good company.
This blend is infused with his special healing energy and vibration, and will also enhance your intuition and provide psychic protection.


for connecting with the divine while remaining grounded,
and finding perfect balance
Every time I meditate or lead a meditation, I see God’s holy light coming down from heaven in a huge, dazzling white column into and all around me, and it continues down through my feet and goes deep into the heart of Mother Earth. It reminds me that I am connected to both heaven and earth, and that I am here find and live that perfect balance of being a bright. divine spark of God on this earthly plane. This beautiful blend was created with the intention of sharing this truth.


for help with discovering and achieving your soul plan and purpose
Your solar angel is the guardian angel of your soul. It has been with you since your first physical incarnation, and will not allow anything to get in the way of your spiritual development and growth. This blend was created to help you connect with this powerful, all-loving angel as well as your soul, so that you can discover and achieve your soul purpose.

Wood pendants for sacred oil blends are sold separately.

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Wood pendants

Wood pendants

Wood pendants
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Wood pendants

Wood pendants

Wood pendants
purpleheart from south america
tulipwood from south america
blackwood from africa

* please note that as these pendants are made of wood, no two are alike, and the pendant you receive may not be identical to the ones shown here.

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