From readings and healings to workshops on angels and spirituality, I offer spiritual knowledge and guidance according to your soul’s needs. I work only in accordance with the direction of the angels, high-vibrational guides and divinities who come through me, for you, in the spirit of unconditional love and the highest truth.

Readings and/or healings
I believe that every person who is led to me was guided by their angels and guides. They use my gift as a spiritual teacher and clear channel to convey messages and insights that may have been “lost” to you before.

My readings often do not require the use of any oracle cards. I rely completely on the insights and visions granted me during the session, and this results in a form of spiritual counselling that uplifts your heart and spirit, which often leads to instant healing for you. And when I am told it is needed, healing of all levels of your body – physical, mental, emotional and etheric – is also given.

Depending on what is appropriate at the time, I work with the angels, archangels, Cherubim, Seraphim and the Elohim, as well as/or the ascended masters and divinities, to remove negative thought forms and energies that do not serve God and your higher self, so as to bring about healing of your body, mind, heart and spirit; to recalibrate light grids within and around your body to enable you to receive and hold more light, as well as to raise your vibration.

Karmic release and healing
In this one-on-one session, Archangel Metatron and the Egyptian god Thoth, both Divine Scribes who hold the Book of Life, as well as Maitreya, who has access to the Akashic Records, come through to provide insights into the cause of a recurring issue or problem that you are facing (at home, at work, on a personal level or with a particular person) so that you can understand and work towards getting past it. Metatron and Thoth, together with the Karmic Council, will decide how much, karmic dispensation can and will be granted. And if appropriate, the Egyptian goddess Ma’at and/or Archangel Halaliel will help with the balancing of karmic justice.

There are occasions when Archangel Azrael and the Egyptian goddesses Isis and Nephthys will also help with the retrieval and return of appropriate soul fragments that you lost across time and space, to help you come back into wholeness and healing.

Over the years, the number of workshops and courses that I have been led to develop and teach has grown extensively. I was shown quite early on my spiritual journey that this is what I have come to do in this and many, many previous lifetimes – to teach those who are choosing to answer the call of their own souls to return to Light, and to mentor them in their spiritual growth.

Please refer to the Workshops page for the various courses that I teach. My workshops continue to evolve as I evolve, so although I conduct them in regular cycles, they often change in content, energy and vibration. In other words, no two workshops are ever the same.