This, too, shall pass … so why bother?

If your understanding of the axiom that life is short makes you lose interest or joy in life, then you may need to listen out for the alarm that your guides are sounding. The average physical life span is only 70 to 80 years, so why waste the time you’ve been granted by focusing on the negative, or on just cruising through the years you have left?
To the awakened soul, the knowledge that everything is temporary serves to heighten its awareness of things, and spurs it on to a more positive attitude instead. It will appreciate the beauty of the world, and all that is around it, even more.
It will spend whatever time it has in its current incarnation to study and to learn, because deep down, it understands that the vastness of both Creator and Creation extends far beyond time and space, and whatever wisdom it gains, in whichever life it is in,  only adds to its own journey of growth and evolution.
As it learns more about things and the world it lives in, the soul also understands more about the Source of them all. In understanding more about its Source, it understands more about itself. In understanding more about itself, it realises that God is not only within it, but in everyone and everything around it – be it as small as the tiniest atom or as big as the largest star in the cosmos.
And when this knowledge sinks in, it inspires the soul to find joy in all that it does, in all that it shares life with, and in itself. Because then, the knowledge has transmuted into wisdom. And in  wisdom, the soul understands that every person that it loves, everyone that it helps, every challenge that it faces, and every chore or task that it takes on is but a minute representation of the Great. And this is what teaches, uplifts, strengthens and sustains it.
So, yes.  Everything is temporary.
But the soul that really understands this finds strength in that knowledge. For it knows that even the most difficult challenges and the worst of circumstances shall pass; as a divine spark of the eternal flame of God, it has the power to surmount all odds, to shine light on darkness. It also recognises the gift that Creator proffers to each and every person – the freedom to choose what to do with its life, and how to live it.
It is my hope that you choose to honour the Giver as much as you honour the gift you have received. By utilising it to its fullest; by living this “temporary” life with purpose, joy and grace.

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