My Christmas prayer

It’s been a difficult year for the world. Not much more needs to be said about the losses that we have all suffered, be it in lives or lifestyles. There are already enough people in the world who are crying over spilt milk.

But as you struggle to celebrate Christmas this year, take time out from focusing on the ground and your feet. Instead, tilt your head up and look towards the heavens. The sun still rises every morning, and the moon and stars come out every night – even when storm clouds obscure them from view.

And while we’ve struggled for a year with bad news and the various challenges of the pandemic, several celestial phenomena – the latest of which was the “Christmas star” alignment of Jupiter and Saturn with the sun on Dec 21 – occurred throughout the same 12 months.

For me, all this serves as a reminder of the balance that I am here in this world to find. What it means to be human while being part of a greater scheme of things. And although things seem pretty bleak now, I live in hope of a brighter tomorrow – with me helping to steer towards it.

So my prayer, this Christmas, is this:

Even though we are forced to be separated from loved ones at this time, may we always stay united in heart and spirit.

Even as we mourn the “loss” of Christmas, may we recognise what it is that we are actually missing. For the traditions and trappings of Christmas can always be re-invented, but when we know the true Reason for the Season, and we hold it fast in our hearts, can Christmas ever really be lost?

Even as we chafe at the painful bonds that constrict us now, may we remember to look up in wonder and hope, for there exists a wondrous Divine Plan that reveals itself, little by little, as we remove the blinkers that we have placed on our own eyes.

And last, but not least, may we realise that every day is a sacred gift – for us to treasure, honour and share with one and all.

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