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Welcome to angelsandlight.co!

I hope this gorgeous new look brings you as much light and joy as it does me. As the year 2017 progressed and things both big and small began drawing to a close to make way for new beginnings, I got clearer and clearer signs that my website of many years had served its purpose, and a new one was needed that would better reflect my current energy and the direction in which my spiritual work is going.

Just as it did the first time that I needed help with creating a website,  the Universe brought another earth angel to my aid.  With no instructions other than that I wanted a  simple infrastructure that I could manage on my own; and a fresh, clean design  that would feel like me and what I do, this is what graphic designer Geraldine Lim (geraldezigner@gmail.com) came up with.

So what you are looking at is essentially her perception of me … in terms of my work, my energy and vibration. Interestingly, many who have visited this new website have said that they find it to be a pretty good reflection.

All this brings me to the subject of change. I know how our life can appear to turn topsy-turvy when shifts occur either simultaneously or concurrently within and around us. When all that we are used to,  or are comfortable with, is either taken from us or no longer work, and we are forced to go beyond our self-imposed limits to create or try new things, we tend to focus only on the impact that the challenges and tests have had on us – mentally, emotionally, even physically.

But it is important to realise that our transformation has an effect on all who are around us – our family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances. And it isn’t what we put out to the world that makes us memorable. Because masks eventually disintegrate; pretty words are soon forgotten; clever gimmicks come and go.

But what we become after what the Universe allows us to go through can be  like a beautiful fragrance that lingers long after we’ve said hello and goodbye.  This, then, is our truth; because it comes from our heart and soul. And this truth, which is the essence of our self, has the power to touch and affect lives.

No, change is never easy. But it is necessary. Every time soul alchemy occurs, it results in a little more Divine light, love and beauty coming into the world … through you.

And all those around you can, and do, perceive it. Better yet, they experience it.

Now is that really something to moan and groan about?

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