I am moving house

This will be my last post in angelsandlight.net, but it isn’t goodbye.

From November 15, angelsandlight.co will replace the website that first introduced me and my work to the world.

Right from the beginning, the angels who first assisted in my spiritual awakening and nudged me into answering my soul calling have always been a source of inspiration, guidance and strength. They brought to me people who helped me to grow – either positively, by being the wonderful lights that they are; or by being difficult in order to challenge me into finding the light within them.

I have been blessed with the presence of both animal and human angels in the 13+ years of my journey. And I know I will be blessed with many, many more.

But in this last post of mine in angelsandlight.net, I would like to come full circle by paying  tribute to three angels in particular. Because without them, angelsandlight would not have  completed this cycle of growth the way it has.

Dieter Luske, who runs usenature.com.au, a holistic web directory from Australia. He not only came up with an effective website that suited my simple needs, but also, with great patience and good humour, helped me overcome my fear of, and ineptitude for, the Internet and all things technical … long distance, to boot. Oh, the countless panic-stricken emails that I used to send across the miles whenever I fumbled, made a stupid mistake, or got stuck as I struggled to get my posts out! And how his calm responses and patient instruction always helped me out.

My cat Cinnamon (Monty), who diligently attended every healing circle that I held weekly during the early years, to help anchor light.

His sister Spice, who refused to succumb to nose cancer, but would patiently sit beside me as I struggled to complete all the writing necessary before the website could be launched. I remember she looked at me and purred when I finally clicked “Publish”.

This website address will always hold treasured memories for me. But I have learned that I have the power to create more treasured memories wherever I am.

So I am simply moving house, dear ones. Do visit me at my new “home” at www.angelsandlight.co

See you soon!

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