The mirror

As I lay low and ill in bed
in these many days gone past,
My guides kept bringing up to me
spiritual lessons we spoke of last.
Of dying to the old so that the new can birth;
Of being God in human form on this, our Mother Earth;
Of letting go of that part of me that does not serve my soul;
Of mistakenly believing I am nothing without props to make me whole.

And as I lay low and ill in bed
in these many days last,
My guides also brought up to me
memories of people and events long past.
Of encounters and experiences I’d buried;
Of the guilt of secret sins my heart still carried;
Of people and animals that I still miss;
Of those I’d gladly say goodbye to with, or without, a kiss.

While I lay low, still ill, in bed
in these many days past,
My guides say to me, do you understand?
and I say yes – at last!
I can stop hiding now, and look those people and events in the eye,
For it was never once about them, but always about I –
Myself … what they simply did was to reflect a part of me.
The good, the bad, the ugly, as well as the best that I can be.  

So letting go is neither sacrifice nor giving up,
It is only about choosing what you want inside your cup.
If I kept drinking only what I’m used to, nothing new,
Then I’ll never know that out there, somewhere, is an even better brew.
It’s not the end when I die to the old, it just means I am still growing –
In heart, in soul, in consciousness – because I gain more knowing,
Day by day, minute by minute, of myself and all I stand for.
Deciding what I want to keep and nurture, and what I want out the door.

As it all sinks in, and my heart expands, I feel light and free.
As I live true to the guidance of my soul, you will always find God in me.

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