Welcome to my blog

Well, it’s about time.

My website angel Dieter had added this blog option to my website several  … cough … months … cough cough cough … ago, but as usual, it took me all this time to finally get down to trying it out.

I’d wanted the ability to update my  workshop schedules independently, without having to ask Dieter to help me do it every time, so I asked if he could teach me. He explained that the way my website is configured doesn’t allow me to do this, but he came up with the idea of a blog link so that I could update my workshop schedules on my own and — bless him — he encouraged me to blog so that more people could follow my thoughts and my work.

As usual, my fear of the unknown stopped me from trying it out. And my own mindset made it hard for me to accept that my workshop schedules should be listed in a blog. After all, blogs are supposed to be a record of one’s day-to-day experiences or thoughts, not a list of schedules. My rigid personal beliefs made it hard to “compromise” on this.

Till now.

I could practically hear the angels groan with relief last night as they gave one last heave and finally managed to budge me into following Dieter’s simple instructions.

And eureka — this tech idiot has discovered that blogging really isn’t as difficult as she had feared it would be. Better yet, she can actually separate her workshop updates from her random, stream-of-consciousness sharing of thoughts by categorising them separately in the blog.



Welcome to my blog. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I … cough … hope … cough cough … I will have writing it.

And … ahem … please do check under the “workshops” category for updates on my workshop schedules.



*Web designer Dieter Luske is the godsend who helped me set up this website and get it going, He is also the founder of a spiritual and health lifestyle directory ( www.usenature.com )

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