Sacred oil blends – how you found them


My heartfelt thanks to all who took the time and effort to write in with their feedback on the sacred oil blends and sprays. I know your comments will help someone else looking for comfort, strength and healing with their selections.


For protection, truth and freedom from fear

Love this blend! I wear it often in a beautiful white holly wood pendant, and it never fails to make me feel confident and safe. Once, I awoke from a night terror with the sound of ominous chanting ringing in my ears and vibrating wildly through my body. The feeling of dread vanished instantly when I reached out to grasp the pendant which was on my bedside table. All memory of the actual words chanted disappeared as well, which is odd for me as I usually remember my dreams with great clarity, especially in the first few hours after waking.

— Simone Consigliere

Michael’s oil works wonders for my father, who hallucinates and refuses to go into his room. Since I began applying the oil on his forehead, crown and soles of feet every night before bed, he willingly goes into his room, meek as a lamb.

— Tee Hui Lin


For unconditional love, joy, inner peace and spiritual illumination

More than ever, we are being called to be more heart centred in every aspect of our lives. This blend helps me to achieve this heart connection. The vibrations are lovingly powerful and has an immediate soothing effect on me.

— Zaitoon Bivee

This gentle, sweet and uplifting blend not only smells divine, but I’ve noticed that it has helped my three-year-old enjoy a more restful sleep. I just daub a bit of it on her pyjamas and … no more nightmares, I also find that it helps to calm me down during periods of stress. One drop on the palms, rub, inhale and suddenly one remembers to breathe again!

— Simone Consigliere


For infinite compassion, divine wisdom and the transformation of negative into positive

I had been feeling crappy and tired all day. I decided to apply some Kwan Yin oil and was amazed that I immediately felt more joyful and rejuvenated. In fact, I decided right away I was going to grab my second oil blend — the Mother Mary blend — as well.

— May Chan

This oil invokes the warm feeling of serenity and love — a feeling of being embraced in the strong arms of one’s affectionate mother… I enjoy the beautiful vibrations every time I use it. Thank you for the lovely blend!

— Ng Luck Pia


For divine knowledge, understanding and spiritual growth

I currently have the Archangel Michael and Metatron blends. I love how the different oils used in each blend fuse together to form such lovely scents. The oils are truly powerful — I always feel the energy after I apply the oils. Sometimes, during my meditations, I catch a whiff of the scents, and I am really comforted by the presence of the archangels. I’m looking forward to getting Uriel’s blend next.

— Lisan R


For releasing blocks to forgiveness, clarity of heart and mind, and connecting to heaven and earth


For triumph over darkness and fear, and strength to march into new cycles of growth

The goddess Kali strikes me as a warrior who is strong and stern, yet compassionate and caring. As I connect more with her, I also feel more of her kind and nurturing side. True to her character, this blend may have a tinge of spiciness and seem fiery to some, but it also gives a sense of calm and assurance. The oil has a soothing effect on me, and I use it daily before leaving the house.

— Alvin Goh


For confirmation that you are always loved, guided, watched over and never, ever alone


For wealth and inner beauty


Peace be unto you


for harmony between mind and spirit


for clearing your path to all things good


for the love, joy, and magic of pure healing

THE SISTERS 3 (perfume)

infused with the energies and vibrations of Mary, Isis and Kwan Yin


for healing, on every level, of mind, body and spirit

This blend is very soothing and calming. Once applied to any part of the body that is in pain, it heals and comforts. A very good oil to have with you always.

— R. Kalpana

Archangel Raphael’s oil is awesome! I twisted my ankle just before I got to Manila airport to catch a flight. I couldn’t walk properly. In desperation, I poured out a quarter of my bottle of Raphael’s blend and massaged my foot with it. An hour later, the pain was gone and I could walk almost normally to the gate to catch my flight. Super powerful!

— Tee Hui Lin


for connecting with the divine while remaining grounded, and finding perfect balance

This amazing oil really helps with concentration and focus. After working all day, it is usually difficult to settle one’s thoughts before meditation. But when I apply this blend, it immediately calms me down and gets me into the right state of mind. My family members also find this blend very effective for meditation.

— R. Kalpana


for help with discovering and achieving your soul plan and purpose