What’s up in October

* Please note that I will be away in Oxford and Glastonbury for most of the month

This is a special meditation where the light and energies of Glastonbury and England, together with the Celtic and age-old energies of ancient wisdom that reconnected with me and the group that went with me on a sacred trip to Glastonbury earlier in the month, will be brought forth and anchored into the land and energies of Singapore and the region. This meditation/activation will reconnect, clear and strengthen the pathways of light running beneath and above our planet that were either weakened or blocked up by negativity and density; as well as activate and anchor new energies that are coming through for the planet at this time.
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 2 to 3pm
Energy exchange: by donation, as your heart tells you 

These one-on-one readings are fully channelled. You come with 6 to 8 questions, I will tune in to the archangels of the kabbalistic tree of life, and directly channel their replies in response to each question. You are advised to either take notes of or record the session. As the entire session is channelled, I am unlikely to remember all that is said, and so will not be able to answer additional questions later.
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 10am – 6pm (one-hour sessions only) — please book your appointment early
Energy exchange: $280

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