The mirror

As I lay low and ill in bedin these many days gone past,My guides kept bringing up to mespiritual lessons we spoke of last.Of dying to the old so that the new can birth;Of being God in human form on this, our Mother Earth;Of letting go of that part of me that does not serve … Read more

My birthday wish

I have, for most of my life, been perfectly happy to spend my birthday like any other day of the year, marked only by the good wishes of those near and dear to me. But yesterday, when I turned 61, I think I finally understood what it really means to celebrate. Sure, there were warm … Read more

The Butterfly effect

It’s been 7 months since I last wrote in my blog. Seven months in which time has both crawled and flown. It’s been a time of learning to live without my mother, and watching my father and my sisters struggle to do the same . It’s been a time of pride and joy, witnessing my … Read more

Love and light

Love and Light | Photo by Steve Halama From Unsplash

This festive period has been a sombre one for me and my family.  Just a week before the Chinese New Year, my beautiful mother passed on unexpectedly … leaving a huge hole in my father’s heart and in the lives of my sisters and me. We were blessed with unstinting love and support from relatives … Read more