What’s up in December

DEC 3: WALK THE TALK An open discussion for all on the spiritual path as well as those who are practising lightwork. Come with open minds and hearts to ask questions, share experiences, and generally learn from and encourage one another. Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949 When: 2 to 4pm Energy exchange: $150 DEC 4: A SESSION … Read more

What’s up in November

NOV 5: THE LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE (LEVEL 2) More on the laws of the universe. Please note: This particular workshop is meant for those who have attended Laws Level 1. While it is beneficial to attend all three levels of this workshop, it is not advisable to attend each level immediately after another. This … Read more

What’s up in October

* Please note that I will be away in Oxford and Glastonbury for most of the month OCT 29: CIRCLE OF LIGHT This is a special meditation where the light and energies of Glastonbury and England, together with the Celtic and age-old energies of ancient wisdom that reconnected with me and the group that went with … Read more

What’s up in September

SEPT 3: WHO IN HEAVEN ARE THE ANGELS AND GUIDES? So you believe in angels and guides. But do you really know who and what you are connecting and working with? And how do you know if they are truly of the light? Learn more about our celestial helpers, from their hierarchy to their roles and … Read more

What’s up in August

AUG 13: MEET MICHAEL Who is this mighty angel, and how can he help us in our lives? With light constantly being directed at Earth and at us, what used to comfortably hide under cover of darkness is increasingly being shown up, and more and more people have experienced, or are experiencing, encounters with negative … Read more