Be you is in beautiful

Like Christmas, Vesak is one of my favourite times of the year. While Christmas always brings in the energies of love, joy and peace, Vesak brings inner peace and the energy of fulfilment.
2017 is a year of beginnings, and I know this has proven challenging for many – because beginnings can only come about through endings, and we often forget that.

The letting go of the tried and true, and the shock of being shown things in a new light; of being led to learn new ways to do things, to live, can often be more painful than joyous. But remember, these are just growing pains. As you begin to truly free yourself from the constraints of what no longer is right for you, and build up the courage to open your wings and spread them, you will begin to understand and experience what it is like to soar with your soul.

The full moon of Vesak brings in powerful energies of completion and fulfilment. If you are working towards something, ask yourself why you are fighting for what you have been fighting for. Are you doing what you do just to earn another dollar, to gain recognition among your peers, to have power over others? Or do you bounce out of bed every morning because, despite the challenges of the day, you love what you do, and you believe that you make a difference just by giving your best, in being you?

As you go about your work today, and look forward to the Vesak Day public holiday tomorrow, I encourage you to take some time tonight and tomorrow night to go outdoors if you can, and look up at the sky. Bask in the beauty of the full moon, and allow its light and energy to heal and refresh your wounded soul.

Let the peace and wisdom of Buddha remind you that all that you would like the world to be is within you. You are the flower that adds beauty and fragrance to the world. You are the bud waiting to unfurl.

So if you want peace, be at peace. If you want integrity, show it by your example. If you want truth, live by it. Be you, and all will be as it should … beautiful.


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