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please note that I will be out of town from July 13 to 23

Archangel Uriel, the least known among the four main archangels, is the guardian of planet Earth and oversees the elemental realm, He also helps you to live according your soul purpose, finding balance between heaven and earth. Once he attunes your vibration to his, you will find the fairies, mermaids, dolphins and earth guardians gradually connecting and working with you too, and the wellbeing of our planet will become increasingly important to you.
Uriel also helps light workers and warriors to discern the highest truth in all things, as well as to bring the fire and/or light of God to shine through veils of illusion to illuminate hearts and minds. And of course, he comes in to move us into bringing much-needed healing to our planet.
Please bring a crystal or a piece of crystal jewellery to be dedicated to Uriel. Any crystal will do, as all will work with Earth’s guardian angel.
Time: 2 to 4 or 4.30pm
Venue: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
Energy exchange: $280

He is the Archangel of Death. But despite his scary title, Archangel Azrael is one of the most powerful, beautiful, bright and loving angels that is our privilege to know and work with. He is the one that comes to comfort and ease the fears of those who are about to pass on, to prepare them and accompany them as they go over. He is also the archangel who can go into the Realm of Spirit when soul retrieval is appropriate. And he is the loving angel who works with those who are called to help heal others through mediumship.
If you are called to this, it is because mediumship is one of your gifts. This will prepare you for the workshop on mediumship, which will be overlighted by both Gabriel and Azrael.
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 3.30 to 4 or 4.30pm
Energy exchange: $150

This workshop on mediumship is meant to help lightworkers understand that channelling comes into play in just about every type of lightwork, from healing to teaching to warrior work. And mediumship is a powerful form of channelling that is to be respected and honoured. Quite a few lightworkers mistakenly believe themselves to be poor channels because they are unable to receive messages from the higher guides. But not all are tuned to that frequency. Some are meant to be mediums — conveyors of messages of love and healing from people and pets who have passed over. Channelling on this frequency, when done with pure intent and unconditional love, can bring closure, much-needed peace, and powerful emotional healing to wounded hearts and spirits — powerful lightwork, indeed.
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 2 to 5 or 6pm, depending on the size of the class
Energy exchange: $300

This is Part 2 of a workshop overseen by the Celtic mother goddess Ceridwen, touching on the Avalonian Cycle of Healing. Please note that this level is likely to be even more intense than the first, as it leads you into seeing the self that you hide from the world. Come only if you are prepared to be brought down to your innermost recesses and shown your true self both during and well after this workshop, as part of your personal development and growth. Do wear a grounding crystal.
Note: You must have attended Level 1 before you can attend this.
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 2 to 4 or 5pm
Energy exchange: $280

A quiet, beautiful and healing hour of meditation in the presence of Light.
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 3 to 4pm
Energy exchange: $150

An open discussion for all on the spiritual path as well as those who are practising lightwork. Come with open minds and hearts to ask questions, share experiences, and generally learn from and encourage one another. 
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 2 to 4pm
Energy exchange: According to your heart

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